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Dimethyl Carbonate
  • Product describe:Molecular formula:C4H8O3, CAS No.: 616-38-6 UN No.: 1161
  • Dimethyl Carbonate

    Dimethyl carbonate is a colorless and transparent liquid with melting point 4℃ and boiling point 90.3℃, can be mixed with organic solvents such as alcohols, esters,ketones,etc in any proportion but slightly soluble in water.

    1.  As a widely-used chemical raw material, dimethyl carbonate is a kind of outstanding methylating reagent, carbonylating reagent, and an ideal substitute for phosgene, dimethyl sulfate and methyl chloroformate.
    2.  Dimethyl carbonate is widely used for synthesizing diphenyl carbonate, isocaynate, allyl diethylene glycol carbonate and carbamates pesticide.
    3.  Dimethyl carbonate can also be used in such industries, such as special non-pollution paint, ink, coating,dye and pharmaceuticals.
    4.  Dimethyl carbonate is used for fine oxygenous additive of alcohol and ether gasoline.
    5.  Dimethyl carbonate battery grade is used for solvent of lithium battery electrolyte in battery industry.
    Specification (It conforms to the Quality System Standard: ISO9001:2008)


    Battery Grade

    Tech Grade

    Purity (wt%)

    99.90 min

    99.50 min

    Moisture (wt%)

    0.02 max

    0.10 max

    Methanol (wt%)

    0.02 max

    0.10 max

    Acidity (wt%)

    0.01 max

    0.02 max

    Heavy MetalAs Pb-

    5 ppm max


    Color (APHA)

    5 max

    10 max

    Specific gravity (20 °C)

    1.071±0.005 g/cm3


    Colorless and transparent liquid

    Storage and Transportation 
    Kept in shady, dry and ventilated places and transported as a combustible chemical product.

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