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Dipropylene Glycol
  • Identification:Molecular formula: O[CH2CH(OH)CH3]2 , CAS No.: 25265-71-8
  • Dipropylene Glycol

    Dipropylene Glycol is a clear transparent liquid, odorless and more viscous than ethylene glycol, flash point:137.8℃, and which is combustible and soluble with toluene and water.

    1.  Dipropylene Glycol can be used as a solvent for pyroxylin,shell-lac,marlspum etc, also paints, inks and inkpads. In synthesis of acrylic resin from Dipropylene Glycol and organosilicon, morover,it is a raw material for polyurethane and also used of plasticizer ,fumigant, synthetic detergent and so on. 
    2.  Dipropylene Glycol can be synthesized from saturated resin and insaturated resin. This type of resin are flexible and excellent in resistance to chap, elements and yellow staining.
    3.  Dipropylene Glycol are ideal solvents for different perfumes and cosmetics. This material are easy to dissolve in water, oils and hydrocarbons, with high quality as slight odor, low skin irritation, toxicity, homogeneously  distributed isomerides.  
    4.  Dipropylene Glycol can also act  in different cosmetics as humectants and resin acceptor. Its usage proportion is beyond 50% in perfumes industries, while in other fields, 10%(wt)。In other application areas, as elflock liquid, cleaning solutions (cold cream, bath foam, and skin lotion ) deodorizer, facial ,hand and body skin caring products, skin nurturing products and lipsticks.
    Specification (It conforms to the Quality System Standard: ISO9001:2008)



    Purity (wt%)

    99.50 Min

    Moisture (wt%)

    0.20 Max

    Distillation Range


    Color (APHA)

                       10 max

    Specific Gravity (20°C)

    1.021 ~ 1.025  g/cm3


    Colorless,transparent sticky liquid

    Storage and Transportation
    Stored in cool, dry and ventilated places, kept far from fire, and transported as a common chemical.  

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